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DATA SONIFICATION | Beyond the visual. Hearing the data between science and emotion

In collaboration with the Center for Design at Northeastern University (Boston, MA) Beyond the Visual. Hearing Data Between Science and Emotion. is the first conference on Data Sonification, the representation of data through sound. A multi-voice discussion curated by Paolo Ciuccarelli (Founding Director, Center for Design) and Sara Lenzi (Critical Alarms Lab, TU Delft) on Data Sonification, the new frontier for pushing the boundaries of the visual and creating real “data experiences.”
In a world dominated by the constant production of vast amounts of data whose impact on our daily lives is as evident as it is unclear, Data Visualization is no longer enough. Designers are seeking new forms of communication that go beyond the visual to render the complexity in which we are immersed and are now turning to other senses and proposing new experiences.

The Boston Data Sonification Archive, the world’s first archive of international creative and artistic work based precisely on processing data with sound, is made available during the event period.
We are hosting prestigious speakers at MEET who will participate in a panel discussion and present a sonification use project: Anita Zanella, National Institute of Astrophysics (Italy), Rafael Bresciani, Sound Artist (Italy), Dan Lockton, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e – Netherlands), Michele Mauri, DensityDesign Research Lab, Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Miriam Quick + Duncan Geere, Loudnumbers (UK).
During the opening, through Oculus viewers, one can enter Idioms, an immersive environment that recreates the auditory experience of being in a virtual space with people who speak the eight most widely spoken languages in Europe.
The content is made available by The Visual Agency.

The meeting will conclude with the Live performance The dry Stone (no Sound of Water) a sound work lasting about 40 minutes derived from the data of the drought that hit northern Italy this summer made by Chelidon Frame and rendered visually by Gaab of Milan that represents the complex impact of drought on the Po River and its fate. Thanks to Data Sonification, the whole ominous evolution from 2021 of the climate change that is afflicting the great Italian river emerges.

The Data Sonification Archive can be viewed in Gallery 1 of MEET until Oct. 2.

Available in Gallery 1 of MEET through Oct. 2 is Boston’s Data Sonification Archive, curated by Northeastern University’s Center for Design the world’s first archive of international creative and artistic work based precisely on processing data with sound.

> If you are in Milan, you can attend, registration is recommended
> For those who participate only in the Performance, the entrance fee is 5 euros.
> Otherwise, you can sign up and follow the live streaming and simply log in on the day of the event on our homepage. The meeting is commented and live moderated!