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“Bodyless” | MEET Virtual Reality collection

Hsin-Chien Huang, a new media artist who was featured on Meet the Media Guru in November 2023, donated to MEET Bodyless, a VR installation presented at the Venice Film Biennale.

In 1960, while martial law is in force in Taiwan, an old political crim- inal is subjected to experiments in prison that lead to his death. As strange sounds emerge, the audience watches the story as the ghost of the old man descends to the underworld. In the seventh lunar month, during a popular ceremony, the ghost returns to the world of the living and, back in his empty house, sees newspapers and family photos. Strange sounds re-emerge, the ghost is forced to flee inside a photo. Memories have been erased, colossal fig- ures are digitising the city. The organic landscape dissolves and the ghost itself disappears from the world by dissolving.

Saturday & Sunday, 3 – 7 PM

Bodyless, Hsin-Chien Huang