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Architettura e VR with Giuliano Bora

In recent times, the concept of the metaverse has opened up new perspectives and opportunities for architects and space design. The extraordinary ability to create virtual encounters between people has stimulated the imagination of a “virtual space architect,” prompting him to design environments to which individuals, through their avatars, are intrigued and wish to return. Linguistic freedom plays a key role in this process, allowing the very concept of architectural space to be redefined without time, budget, or physical restrictions.

Giuliano Bora, architect and head of the metaverse department at Diorama, together with Jacopo Rosano, takes us on a journey through different metaverses to highlight the emerging potential of digital architecture. In these virtual worlds, traditional barriers are overcome, paving the way for innovative and fascinating solutions. Architects can freely experiment with forms, materials, and structures, resulting in surprising and immersive environments.

Through the metaverse, architectural design is transformed into an interactive experience, where users can explore spaces in a completely new way. The boundaries between real and virtual merge, opening up unimaginable horizons for creativity and collaboration. Digital architecture in the metaverse becomes a tool for creating fascinating and stimulating worlds that can inspire people and ignite their curiosity.

Architecture and VR with Giuliano Bora
Wednesday, June 7, 7 p.m.
VR Corner

Free admission with reservation