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Eddie Newquist, Harry Potter and Transmedia Storytelling

Here we are, back to talk about Transmedia Storytelling. We’ll do it with Eddie Newquist, Art Director of GES (an American company specialising in organising large events, exhibitions and shows) and a long-time friend of Exhibitionist by Fondazione Fiera. We met him in 2016 when, at Stelline, he told us about how an exhibition of a show can turn into a true experience for their visitors. Watch his talk at the bottom of the page.

Back then we talked about branded entertainment, which creates multimedia content starting from a product; today we’ll look at some specific cases connected with the publishing industry. On Friday 9 March (7 pm) Eddie will tell us how – and why – best-selling books like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have become films, TV series and even travelling exhibition with world-level impact.

The Exhibitionist-branded special event with Meet the Media Guru will be included in the programme Tempo di Libri, the international publishing show to be held at fieramilanocity from 8 to 12 March.
Newquist will tell us how “purely” publishing content can spawn cross-media creative universes that go beyond paper, reverberating and boosting the messages and effects, as another guru, Jeff Gomez, a pioneer of transmedia storytelling with such titles as Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar under his belt had explained in 2012.

We’ll become familiar with the case history that brought the you wizard of Hogwarts on the silver screen, and on to videogame screens, on the shelves of toy stores and even in the rooms of several exhibition facilities in the world. Eddie’s experience is first-hand, after all he is the mind and producer with GES of the exhibition Harry Potter: The Exhibition to open at Fabbrica del Vapore on 12 May.

The meeting with Eddie Newquist is scheduled for Friday 9 March at 7 pm at Brown 1, fieramilanocity. To attend you must sign up here. The participants to the event will get a free ticket to visit Tempo di Libri.

Watch Newquist’s talk at the 2016 Exhibitionist below.