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We’re looking of digital creators. Are you?

–>>> Sorry, the applications are closed <<<–

If you are under 35, you are a creative who uses digital technologies as expressive language, we’ve got something to say to you. As part of the Cross Fertilization Lab, MEET, in collaboration with  Assolombarda, launches a Call for Digital Creators aimed at media artists, interaction designers, computer animators, VR and AR videomakers, sound artists, motion designers and any other creative engaged in the artistic research, individually or in groups. Read the Participation rules. The five winning projects will receive a total of 10,000 EUR to support the production of a creative project.

The objectives

The Call for Digital Creators is aimed at involving young creative workers and/or digital artists by asking them to design a work of art or an original artistic intervention (installation, performance, immersive experience, etc.) capable of generating or enabling innovative processes and solutions by setting them in a business context. The goal is to relate languages and expressive modalities typical of the contemporary world such as the digital technologies with the needs and requirements of commercial organizations operating in different fields. These interactions will generate ideas and suggestions useful to both parties, leading to a “reciprocal fertilization” and, hopefully, to inclusive and sustainable innovation.

How to participate

Participating is easy: just fill out a form with your contacts and/or those of your team, along with a portfolio and other administrative information. You will be asked to submit and upload a creative project that works on one of these three areas:

  • improvement of internal company management (e.g. employee well-being, team-building, people development, internal communications, etc…)
  • marketing and external communication
  • planning and/or implementation of new products and/or services

Once the application process is completed, a pre-selection phase is scheduled by MEET. The second step of the Call for Digital Creators is open to a maximum of 50 candidates and consists of two different moments:

  • two training days on the relationship between creativity-innovation-production system aimed at giving you useful tools to better define the creative project and its public presentation
  • meet up, that is pitch for presenting the creative project at MEET in front of an audience of companies, professionals, curators, policy makers, curious …

The third phase foresees that five “winning” projects will be selected and each will receive financial support (funding) worth 2,000 EUR to stimulate the transformation of the creative project into a tangible output. An exhibition at MEET will collect the works of the artists involved.

The winning projects

In addition to the 2,000 EUR fund from MEET, the five winners will have access and free use of the equipment of the Creative Lab of MEET, the production studio equipped with advanced technologies. There is also a period of two months of residency at a company involved in Assolombarda in which possible collaborations are designed and tested.

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