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Atlas Follow Up: the Atlas’ numbers

The atlas is a shared immersion.
It is not possible to think of the New Atlas as an initiative that without comparisons crystallizes into an idea proposed from above without confrontation or sharing.

First, the participation of the public that followed the two plenary meetings, where we first explained the project, then once the tables concluded their exploratory work, the result of their considerations was drawn on the map.
More than six hundred people registered in total for the three-day event, a goal we set for ourselves which came true. An attentive audience and it couldn’t have been otherwise because the density of content was remarkable: we had over 60 contributors with whom we worked on the Atlas.
But also our online community, over three hundred people followed the whole initiative from streaming on our website, to which Facebook users were added.

Perhaps the best of the representations of this immersion in the geography of digital art was given to us by Mauro Martino‘s animation artist, designer and researcher, founder and director of the Visual Artificial Intelligence Lab at IBM Research made by artificial intelligence that scanned the web collecting video information reassembling it into a liquid image, iridescent but incredibly effective the goals of the atlas.