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Prospettiva DADA | Eleonora Brizi and DADA Collective

DADA is a digital collaborative art community and platform where artists from all over the world respond to each other through drawings, resulting in spontaneous “visual conversations.”
DADA counts itself among the absolute pioneers of the crypto art movement, its technological innovation – being the first to program royalties for artists in an NFT smart contract – and the use of blockchain for value creation. Its synergistic artistic approach has led DADA to propose new socio-economic models for an art basisn hidden intrinsic values, through the conception of the Invisible Economy.
What these values are we will discover together in the two months, starting May 10, in which DADA will transform the entire Meet into an immense “disruptive” laboratory.
Please note: this is not a retrospective, this is a PROspective, the view of a community of living and active artists who are already planning for the future. We look forward to seeing you at the “DADA Perspective,” curated by Eleonora Brizi and DADA Collective.