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DADA Experiences | Role play on governance

DADA owns commons, many of which are showcased at MEET: Common Place, Visual Conversations, Historical Art, and DADA Works after 2019.
Through a role-playing game, participants have the opportunity to test different governance projects for managing these assets, from different perspectives. Artists, collectors, technologists, and Dadakin, what are the dynamics that are triggered? With the introduction of blockchain and the emergence of Web3, the concept of “governance” has become one of the most interesting points in the ecosystem, but also one of the most complex and controversial. There is talk today of “decentralized governance.” What it means and the different application modes will be discovered by participants through this game experience.

Role play on governance
Saturday, June 10, 5 p.m.
MyMEET Lounge

The workshop is included in the cost of the MEET weekend ticket, which allows you to visit the exhibition and participate in the other scheduled events, including the VR Corner.
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