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The project “Urban.Climate.Oasis Milano” intend to implement a climate productive and participative prototype to grow micro algea for scientists in Milan by using waste-heat. Due to its large heat emissions, the datacenter building – located next to the science partner institution – in Rho-Fiera, offers an ideal showcase to use waste-heat and to create a new scientific and social Climate.Oasis in Milan by combination of different technologies and disciplines.

Harvesting waste heat (Server energy) all year long allows cultivate plants, vegetables or in case of the science partner building (Human Technopole) to grow “micro algaes”.

It enables the chance to:

a) express climate issues in form of an a highly aesthetic way in public space

b) involve scientists, general public in a participatory and multidisciplinary process

c) create energy circles in form of an operating art installation (future resources solutions)

The datacenter has an estimated heat energy output of 100 KW all over the year (not used yet!). Comparison ==> an energy equivalent of 6 single family homes (15 KW, ex. erected in 1980ies) Exact location at the former Expo ground in Rho-Fiera next to the Italian Pavillon at the ground floor level and also on the roof top level. There the prototype should be build.


Final outcome

Due to the Algea species need warmth and light to grow, the urban oasis could provide a new -energy autarchy- science facility. A zero-energy research lab for scientists from Human Technopole. Project mission: generate awareness for climatic processes in local urban neighbourhood by a public participation programme.

Markus Jeschaunig, *1982 in Graz, Austria, lives and works in Graz and the Biosphere. Trained as an architect and fine artist Jeschaunig‘s art practice deals with relations between humanity and environment. Inspired by the dynamics and forces of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere the artist seeks to decipher natural, social, spatial and economic systems. In the language of contemporary art his works evolve between the poles of ecology, landscape, urbanism and technology as well as public space and activism.

Jeschaunig studied art and architecture at the University of Art and Design Linz, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul and Vienna University of Technology. He graduated in architecture from University of Art and Design Linz in 2010, completed an internship in the office of Christian Kerez in Zurich in 2011. He found his fine art studio ‘agency in biosphere’ in 2012. Since then, various national and international art exhibitions and projects. Jeschaunig is co-author of „breathe.austria – Austrian pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan“ (as part of ‘team.breathe.austria’). He is co-founder of the transdisciplinary Think-tank ‚‘ (2015 to now).

2019: Architecture Prize of Styria 2019 (honorably mention) AT

2018: Outstanding Artist Award 2018 – Experimental Tendencies in Architecture, Federal Ministry of Culture, Vienna (as part of BEC) /AT

2017: BAUWELT PREIS 2017, Muennich/Berlin / DE

2014: State prize beautiful books Austria 2014, ‘winner‘in the category „art book“ / AT