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#Gurubook: the Meet the Media Guru box is available in bookstores

Meet the Media Guru celebrates ten years in bookstores with the box A tu per tu con la cultura digitale curated by Maria Grazia Mattei and published by Egea; the box consists of the lectures by ten gurus held in Milan between 2005 to now on such topics as Smart Cities, Social Innovation, Digital Humanities, Web transparency, Complexity design, Ethos in the time of the Web and much more.

The minds behind those visions that are outlining our future are Carlo Ratti, Geoff Mulgan, Lawrence Lessig, Kaiser Kuo, Don Norman, Derrick de Kerckhove, Zygmunt Bauman, Edgar Morin, Mimi Ito and Jeffrey Schnapp. They are the protagonist of MtMG’s history and their words were put on paper with the remarks collected on Twitter during the event.

The collection reports case histories, scenarios, forecasts, data and many questions, combining them with the interaction with the Web. Just like at every Meet the Media Guru event.

The box is now available in bookstores; it features the volumes published from 2013 to now in a cardboard packaging with the special 10th anniversary livery, it can be the perfect present for the most loyal gurists, but also for those who are just approaching our programme of meetings with international innovation authorities.