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Vittorio Loreto | Meet the Media Guru Around Mobility

Meet the Media Guru Around Mobility is a research project carried out in collaboration with Peugeot that presents a rich and multi-faceted overview of the transformation taking place in the mobility sector, putting the human factor at the center of technological change and offering appointments with international experts characterized by different perspectives, skills and paths and selected with the aim of offering stimulating points of view and ignite curiosity and new reflections.

After the appointments with Carlo Ratti and Glenn Lyons, MEET presents the third meeting of the cycle Meet The Media Guru Around Mobility, which has as its protagonist Vittorio Loreto, Director of Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris and in Rome.

Vittorio Loreto’s talk, Hypothetical Scenarios for Urban Regeneration, will address the debate on the future of modern cities. The pandemic has pushed many inhabitants out of cities towards safer and less crowded areas and poses a real challenge to authorities both in terms of urban planning and political decisions. It is necessary to rethink cities also in the light of the new lifestyle changes and to find new tools that allow a realistic prediction of how any change, including new mobility, under current conditions will affect and modify the future urban scenario.

Admission is free, reservation required.