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The New Atlas of Digital Art | Immersive Realities


MEET Digital Culture Center, for the fifth con-secutive year, presents an international reflection aimed at promoting and investigating the scenarios of digital creativity, highlighting the potential of immersive creative experiments as possible drivers of cultural, social, and economic innovation.

Through a series of testimonies from European institutions and players, the Atlas will offer an overview of the developments in immersive experiences, creating an extended space for interaction and collective exploration. This includes new perceptual possibilities that encompass all senses, expanding them. Digital technologies and languages today open scenarios of multipresence in artificially created spaces and places, which reproduce situations and interaction possibilities of the real world, but can be extended, augmented, and interconnected, thus creating new expressive possibilities, as well as interaction, communication, learning, and entertainment.

How can the parallel realities created by digital coexist with existing realities? Beyond the frontiers of Virtual Reality, we will delve into an increasingly widespread and pervasive immersiveness, which creates subtle mixtures between the real and the virtual: from Augmented Reality to Extended Reality and Mixed Reality, including the creative potential of Artificial Intelligence.

The Atlas will open a reflection to frame the topic from all its perspectives and share with experts, professionals, and the public, opportunities and possible futures.
The map will draw borders and frontiers of immersive experiences, the languages and the expressive trends that are shaping new ways to make culture, the places and protagonists of immersiveness, the formats and modes of audience engagement. The atlas coordinates that will guide the exploration include: new paradigms and formats, production, market and distribution, curation, new professions, future AI-based scenarios, the Italian scene.

The Atlas is part of the S+T+ARTS in the City project.

Installations and experiences will animate MEET during the two days of the ATLAS, offering the public the opportunity to experiment with and immerse themselves in immersive realities.



June 20th

9:30 – 10:00 am: Opening and institutional greetings

Maria Grazia Mattei
Founder and President MEET Digital Culture Center – Milano
Patrizia Asproni
Art and Culture sector representative Cda Fondazione Cariplo – Milano
Francesca Caruso
Councillor of Culture – Regione Lombardia
Tommaso Sacchi
Councillor of Culture – Comune di Milano

10:00 – 10:45 am: Scenarios, languages, trajectories

The Atlas starts with an overview on immersiveness through the voices of protagonists of the European scene, to open reflections on dif- ferent scenarios and new tracks of the cultural change. Starting from the state of the art, we will outline the coordinates that will guide the subse- quent exploration: theories, technologies, languages, content, market.

Contributions will be shareded by Chris Salter – Director and Professor, Immersive Arts Space, Zurich University of the Arts, Laetitia Bochud – Direttrice XR4 Europe, Ana Brzezinska – Immersive Curator at Tribeca Festival, Laurent Dondey – Chargé de Mission-Business Development, Grand Palais Immersif.

10:45 – 11:00 am: ARTISTIC INTERLUDE: fuse*

11:00 am – 12:45 pm | SESSION 1 – Towards widespread immersiveness

Immersiveness spreads in various directions: from classic cultural places like museums, libraries, cinemas, to newly conceived places ded- icated to immersive experiences. New technologies and languages offer the possibility to reimagine spaces and experiment with new modes of public engagement, where immersiveness comes to life and gives life to new communicative and learning paradigms. This gives rise to the need for original content production, opening new market opportunities and the demand for new professions and skills, starting with curation.

The places of the immersiveness: with Ico Migliore e Mara Servetto – Studio Migliore+Servetto, Samanta Isaia e Federico Zaina – Museo Egizio Torino, Anaïs Emery – Ginevra Film Festival, Luisa Mantovani – KunstKraftWerk Leipzig, Sinan Turaman – Outdoor Factory.

What skills for what contents: with Àlex Ginés Domenech – Neàpolis, Luigi Ferrara – Center for Arts, Design & Information Technology George Brown College, Claudio Prati – Creative Studio, Claudio Caciolli – Bright Festival and the curator Julie Walsh.

12:45 – 13:15: The Italian creative scene, coordinated by METAGATE

2:45 – 3:00 pm: ARTISTIC INTERLUDE: Jérémy Griffaud

3:00 – 4:30 pm: SESSION 2 – Immersive design: new experiences – coordinated by Ilaria Bondavalli

The world of creatives is imagining increasingly multisensory, participatory, total immersive realities. Through the eyes of researchers, artists, curators, the new frontiers of XR will be explored: from individual experiences to collective ones, from physical spaces to the metaverse. New possibilities for interactivity and interconnection between the physical and virtual open up astonishing expressive scenarios and story- telling, where digital creatives engage with multisensory narratives and the design of novel user experiences.

We will have Silke Schmidt – XR Hub Bavaria, Alejandro Martin – Espronceda, Stefano Paiocchi – Zaha Hadid Architects, Fabio Cirifino – Studio Azzurro, Vanessa Bozzuffi – Mou Lab, Rahim Unlu – Biennale NFT, Aurelie Delater – Realities in Transition.

4:30 – 5:00 pm: The Italian scene: the emerging ones – coordinated by Sara Tirelli

5:00 – 5:30: Artvocacy and Artification in the Narrative of Italian Excellence curated by {[(etica)estetica]anestetica}, supported by TRAMA Creative Studio

5.30: Immersive aperitif

7:00 pm: Meet the Media Guru with Jean Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre has always been a futurist in his field. Throughout his illustrious career, the composer, performer, producer and cultural ambassador has continued to break new ground with his music and his mastery of creative innovation. From his pioneering role in electronic music, to his use of technology and multichannel audio production, to his recent explorations in the realms of VR performance and the metaverse, technology is at the forefront of everything he does.

To participate in #meetjarre follow this link

June 21st

9:30 – 10:00: Summary from the first day – Maria Grazia Mattei with Luigi Ferrara

10:00 – 10:30: The Italian scene – coordinated by Sara Tirelli

10:30 – 11:00: ARTISTIC INTERLUDE with S+T+ARTS: Stanza; Studio Above&Below

11:00 – 12:30: SESSION 3 – Contemporary histories and future scenarios – coordinated by Agnese Pietrobon

Towards the Total Work through the possibilities of immersive, collective, and interactive storytelling mediated by the use of AI, for real-time widespread immersiveness. The last session will offer the opportunity to explore closely the behind-the-scenes of new immersive productions told by their protagonists: directors, new tech designers, digital creatives, curators. A roundup of successful cases from the perspective of the making of will offer a view on the creative and expressive opportunities that can inspire artists, digital designers, producers, curators.

We will hear from the protagonists of the global success case/production NOIRE – Emanuela Righi e the director Stéphane Foenkinos, the artists Marc Da Costa – Onassis Onx, Vicente Manzano – eSoul Experience, Richard Broadbridge – 4Dviews, Federico Comella – RAI Cinema, Claudio Prati – Creative Studio, Enzo Lo Re and Salvatore Borzì – Neolithic Evolution and the visual artist Chiara Passa.

12:30 – 13:00 pm: The New Atlas: the map – Iader Giraldi, Zeranta

6:30-8 p.m.: for the MEET the NATURE exhibition, there will be a presentation of ATMOSPHERIC FOREST by Latvian artist Rasa Smite. A VR installation that visualizes and translates the relationships between plants and climate into sound, revealing the patterns of interaction that exist between pine emissions and weather conditions.

Installations curated by METAGATE will animate MEET during the two days of ATLAS—and throughout the following weekend—offering the public the opportunity to explore and experience immersive realities, alongside CoMeta, Holy Club, Holonexia, and Kirale.