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Digital art pioneers | GMM RELOADED

With the Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici we inaugurate the first solo exhibition of The Roots of the New.
After opening to the public the archives of materials collected since the beginnings of the digital era in the 1980s nationally and internationally, the poster collections of the events that marked the origins of digital culture, and the videos that tell the story of Computer Graphic; after calling on our community to collaborate on the Archive by sending us the objects, books, magazines, technologies, anything that was in their opinion representative of the new digital world coming up, it is time for a personal and direct meeting with the interpreters of the period of the nascent New Technologies who through their works and style have marked the taste of our contemporaneity!
Exceptional interpreters of this change are the Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici, a multimedia art group founded in the spring of 1984 in Florence by the meeting of Antonio Glessi and Andrea Zingoni.
Their name was born almost by chance, of the first computer-comics in the history of comics published in the magazine Frigidaire. The comic was titled Giovanotti Mondani Meccanici and without a precise reason , that name became the name of a group, of a collective, which had numerous components, crossing the most diverse experiences while maintaining a link to a “low-fi” aesthetic in incredible harmony with the current collections of NFT art.
All of their work is present at MEET, from computer-Comics to viral videos by Gino the Chicken to conclude in the immersive room where the installation Tecnomaya in Infotown is projected, a work made in 1991 and re-actualized, surprisingly close to the most recent contemporary aesthetics.

November 4-December 4, 2022
Digital art pioneers | GMM RELOADED
Admission to MEET costs 10 euros full, 7 euros reduced
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