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MEET and ELLEDECOR.IT | Everyday Transition

A day of conversations to explore change in design, architecture, art and beyond. That’s how the Elle Decor Italia website in collaboration with MEET Digital Culture Center decided to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a free festival on Saturday, October 28 at MEET, sponsored by the City of Milan.

During the period of the Festival, Understanding the Invisible, a site-specific work composed of the artwork of three “Great” Protagonists of the International Scene such as Refik Anadol, Mauro Martino and Albert-László Barabási will be usable free of charge.

Alessandro Valenti, director of, introduces the Festival and its title by explaining how “Everyday Transition is the event with which celebrates its first 10 years. A short period, if read and interpreted in an absolute sense, but dense with important transformations in the fields of information, communication, design and creativity, areas frequented daily by and its social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok). The common thread of this edition, which would like to inaugurate a new annual appointment, will be change, not the epochal one, but the one that happens day by day, understood as a continuous transit from the present to the present, as a perennial movement.”

The event is held in collaboration with MEET, a landmark in the promotion of digital culture and innovation. As Maria Grazia Mattei, president, pointed out. “MEET is actively collaborating in the realisation of the festival on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of as I believe that the constant evolution of the digital and design world represents a reflection of the rapid changes in modern society. This relentless transformation pushes us to be flexible, adaptable and always ready to innovate. Art, digital culture and design play a key role in shaping our future, pushing us to embrace new ideas and constantly redefine our horizons.”

Everyday Transition, through talks and interviews, will decline the theme of transition in the main menu items of To do so, it will draw on the collaboration of its columnists and guest curators who, together with the editorial staff, will create a multidisciplinary and transgenerational public program that will unfold over a day punctuated by the keywords art, architecture, design, homes, travel, technology, boats and motors.

Each session will be introduced by a literary interlude, given by actors Rinaldo Rocco and Benedetta Cesqui, who will recite excerpts from contemporary fiction of the last decade.

Alternating on the stage will be some of the most interesting voices from the world of culture, custom, and innovation, confirming the site’s ability to represent a unique observatory for in-depth study and knowledge, and at the same time a platform nurtured with a spirit of experimentation, originality, and expertise.

Main partner of the first edition of the festival, Poliform, witness and creator of the evolving spirit of design and industry that helps define the contemporary way of living.