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Leprechaun Trilogy

In Maurilio Cacciatore‘s compositions, the use of acoustic instruments and the resources offered by digital music are combined through information technology and the use of electromechanical objects. The interaction and integration of music, visual aspects and light place his compositions in a theatrical and dramaturgical dimension. These traits come together in the Leprechaun Trilogy, which evokes the fairy-tale beings of many folk traditions, small and elusive, pranksters and mischievous, authors of pranks now benevolent now instead malicious.

Maurilio Cacciatore is an Italian musician who studied composition and electronic music at the Conservatory of Music in Perugia, the Strasbourg Conservatory, the University of Gothenburg and the National Academy of St. Cecilia. He was a student of Fabio Cifariello Ciardi and Ivan Fedele. He earned top grades in Italy, Sweden and France and is a PhD candidate at the Catholic University of Porto. He has been composer-in-residence in the studios of Ircam, ZKM, Muse en Circuit in Paris and the Elektronisches Studios in Basel.

The Syntax Ensemble is a contemporary music collective established as a nonprofit association in 2018 in Milan. The group is directed by composer and conductor Pasquale Corrado and consists of Valentina Coladonato (voice), Maruta Starvoltava (flute), Marco Ignoti (clarinet), Francesco D’Orazio (violin), Michele Marco Rossi (cello), Anna D’Errico (piano), Dario Savron (percussion) and Maurillo Cacciatore (electronics). The Syntax Ensemble offers two world premieres and three works for small ensemble and electronics linked by the relationship between words and music.

The tracks

Ecco perché ho paura dei folletti (2019, 10′)
for double bass flute, live video and live electronics

Ho fatto amicizia coi folletti (2021, 17′)
Four pieces for alto, tenor and soprano saxophone,
video and live electronics.
First performance in the version with live video

Folletti traditori (2023, 25′)
for flute, saxophone, violin, viola, cello, live video,
lighting and live electronics
Milan Music Commission
First performance