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AugE Ideathon Berlin: prototyping Europe

Making Europe a better place by “prototyping” new ideas, solutions and innovative policies on inclusion, equality and diversity. This is the goal of the AugE project. If you are under 30 y/o, speak English and are familiar with digital tools, you can join 150 other young people from Berlin, Riga and Thessaloniki.

On Wednesday, December 9th (11.30 am – 5 pm) you can join the AugE Ideathon in a virtual form indeed. Click here to register.

A team of facilitators will manage the work and the co-creation process will focus on three macro-categories:

  • Social inclusion for migrating cultures
    Which intercultural narratives contribute to welcome, understand and include migrating cultures in our local environments? What are communicative platforms and forms of approaches? How can we facilitate social inclusion?

  • Translocal activism for cross-cultural communication
    How to create an activist translocal dialogue by empowering people and connecting places?

  • Telematic performance in pandemic times
    How to create telematic scenarios and networked interfaces in times of social distances?

To join the AugE Ideathon, sign up here.

The Program

Welcome by the Augmented Europe partners
Public Art Lab | Berlin; RIXC | Riga; MEET |Milan; MADE |Thessaloniki

Introduction talks & walks at former Tempelhofer Airport
Lukas Feireiss through the ‘Living the City’ exhibition
Susa Pop, Public Art Lab about Connecting People and Places
Maja Stark, AURORA School for ARtists

Connecting People and Places – topics and showcases

1) Social inclusion for migrating cultures:  Weltstadt / World City by Matze Görig, artist of Schlesische 27, Berlin

For the exhibition ‘World City – Memory and Future of Refugees in Model’ the NGO Schlesische 27 invited representatives of the migrating cultures from Africa and the Near and Middle East to design residential houses, schools, prayer and business buildings from their memories to trigger an understanding about their living forms. The models were built out of cardboard and wood and presented as a walk-in urban landscape, a “cosmopolitan city” on an exhibition area of around 500 square metres.

2) Translocal activism for cross-cultural exchange:  SMSlingshot and G-Frame by Christian Zoellner, co-founder of VR_Urban and The Constitute designer, artist and professor at University of Art and Design Halle

Reclaim the Screens! The SMSlingshot is a tangible device to empower people to write own statements and catapult them on the screens and walls of our cities where they will be projected as a colored splash. Two SMSlingshots at two different places can connect people and places to lead a translocal dialogue.

3) Telematic performance in pandemic times:  Neuro-Knitting Beethoven by the media artists Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet

Originally planned as a live tour across Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, and Shanghai, Neuro-Knitting Beethoven has been adapted into an interactive concert installation. While a pianist is paying and wearing an EEG helmet; brainwaves are transformed through data visualization and fed into a knitting machine, which produces a brainwave-patterned scarf at the artist’s studio in Talinn, Estonia. This interplay of neural impulses and knitting process is then projected in real-time back to the concert hall.
Neuro-Knitting Beethoven is a co-production with the Goethe-Institute Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arts Center and Goethe-Institut Seoul and Art Center Nabi within the framework of Beethoven’s 250th anniversary.

Prototyping ideas in 3 parallel Zoom breakout sessions facilitated by the artists & speakers

Pitching session and presentation of the ideas / wrap up

Do you want to join the Ideathon? Click here to register. On December 8th we will send you via e-mail the Zoom link to dial in.