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Creative Collaboration with AI: Exploring the Basics

Explore the potential of AI-based tools in the AI4CREATIVITY Workshop for Beginners, led by Luca Stornaiuolo, an expert in generative artificial intelligence and founder of ReDraw, an innovative AI-based platform for creative professionals. This beginner-friendly workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to the capabilities of AI in various creative fields.

The first part of the workshop, spanning 4 hours, will provide you with a solid theoretical foundation, covering the current state of AI tools and demonstrating a range of case studies to help you grasp key concepts, trends, and applications of AI-based tools in professional practices.

The second part, an 8-hour segment, will allow you to dive into hands-on experiments with leading AI software. We will examine and compare various modes of use, while exploring the practical applications of these tools. Throughout this portion, we will ensure that the experiments remain accessible and appropriate for a beginner audience.

By participating in this workshop, you will gain practical experience with the latest AI tools, including ReDraw, and engage in creative tasks that allow you to explore their features.


Ideal for a wide range of creative professionals, from art directors and illustrators to journalists and designers without prior experience with AI-based tools.

A certificate of participation will be provided upon completion of the course.