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AUGE || Creative opportunities for youth – The new age of startups & social media

About the Thessaloniki Ideathon

Its objective has been to raise awareness and create an open dialogue for the need and how to connect creativity, creative tools, startups and young people. Also, to find ways to motivate young people, enhancing at the same time their digital and communication skills. Moreover, to provide networking opportunities to young people, to exchange ideas in using new technologies and especially social media as a tool for creating employment and startup / business opportunities.
Europe and the whole world are facing an unprecedented health crisis, which is affecting all forms of activities and relationships. Economies on global scale are fighting to avoid long lasting depression. Unemployment is on the rise and youth employment might be negatively affected too.
The importance of creative industries, creative tools, new technologies and synergies is at an all-time high. Our ideathon shared interesting case-studies relating to youth employability, opportunities and job creation (how a talent / hobby can turn into a business, focus on inspiration for self-motivation, self-development, leadership skills etc). We offered a positive environment for young people to feel creative and to be open to expressing themselves about their future. Today’s youth all over the EU are facing similar difficulties and challenges after all.

Thessaloniki Ideathon Main Session

Fireside chats with the Creatives!
Fireside chat with Souzana Theodoridou, Start Up Program Manager at Microsoft, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Grekaddict, Co-Founder of SEO Copywriting Agency. Souzana is a passionate, tireless entrepreneur with a seemingly endless fund of creative and innovative ideas.
Fireside chat with Lucy Xu, Founder & CEO of The Port, an international marketing and business consultancy, enabling startups in Greece and similar emerging tech markets to realize their highest potential, by exploring a unique thesis on the potential for innovation, cooperation, and expansion that exists across ecosystems.
Fireside chat with Dimitris Dimitriadis, Digital Futurist. We discussed with Dimitris how exponential technologies shape the way we communicate and tell stories now and in the future.