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Art in the digital age: towards new forms of authorship

In our digital age we are witnessing two distinct phenomena that prompt us to reflect on the concept of authorship.

On the one hand, the registration of NFTs on the blockchain makes a digital artwork unique and certified; on the other, AI, data and algorithms are used in the creative and production processes of artworks, challenging the very concept of “author”, and raising a series of questions. To what extent are machines, artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning to be considered simply as new media? From Ai – Da, the first robot-artist to the increasingly widespread text-to-image and text-to-video platforms, up to the DAW® – Digital Art Work format which faithfully replicates masterpieces in very high definition, digitally authenticated and in limited editions, who is the author of a work? The man, the robot, the algorithm or the programmer? Are we at the dawn of a new humanism where the machine is not just one of the many tools in the hands of an artist, but rather it is itself the artist?

Curated by Elena Di Raddo and Daniele Perra, the meeting, promoted by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in collaboration with MEET, with the contribution of experts and scholars from various research fields, seeks to shed light on the present and future of creativity, suggesting new forms of authorship and thinking of a new vocabulary to redefine the concept of author.

Monday 6 March, 3.30pm, sign up here