21-22 Thierry Loa | MEET The Nature

In January, MEET inaugurated with ItalMesh the ZERO GRAVITY EDEN wire mesh and plant installation, a permanent work that symbolises the MEET the Nature programme. Each se- ason brings a new installation, renewing the message of care and sensitivity towards the ecosystem. The first three artists selected for the MEET the Nature programme are Maria Castellanos Vicen- te (Spain), Thierry Loa (Québec) and Rasa Smite (Latvia).

On Wednesday 3 April, at 6.30 p.m., to the work of Maria Castellanos Vicente we add a journey through the Anthropocene by Thierry Loa, interdisciplinary filmmaker and content creator for new media.

Let’s fly over the world on a VR journey: 21-22 CHINA and 21-22 USA offer a meditative 360° look from the skies over China and the US, the world’s two biggest superpowers.
Composed of entirely real scenarios shot on location, these im- mersive films tell the story of the planet that man has transformed over the decades: urban sprawl, sprawling suburbs, industrial de- velopment, oil fields, climate disasters, transformed natural terri- tories and much more.