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Digital creativity Made in Italy

Made in Italy.  This characterizes the “genius loci” of our country, which has always been able to give its best precisely in the union of invention, technique and style, a mark that distinguishes us on a planetary level, even today at the time of a technological globalization that affects every sphere of professional, productive and industrial activities.
Paradoxically, however, this quality is not felt in our country, which has few opportunities to learn about what Italian creativity achieves and is proposed to the world.

The Italian Digital Art Experience, the exhibition project that will animate MEET Digital Culture Center until August 31, is one of these, an encounter with the values of our made in Italy, but also an opportunity to introduce ourselves not so much to the “made,” as to the “thinking in Italy,” the thought in Italy with all its heritage of culture and knowledge so appreciated abroad.

For the first time in Italy, an anthology of digital projects – from video mapping, to light art, to immersive works – produced in our country and collected in an itinerant project commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, to enhance Italian digital creative studios in the world, is proposed.

The exhibition itinerary at MEET begins within the Galleries dedicated to Micro-Monumental Mapping, which uses video projection mapping, a projection technique that makes it possible to transform surfaces and architecture into a display on which to project images, videos, graphic animations and light games, which create optical effects and illusions of great visual impact; and to Immersive Art, which represents one of the most interesting evolutions of recent years with its ability to involve the viewer to the point of transforming him or her into a leading actor in the experience.

The project culminates inside the Immersive Room, where a collective work created by 21 creative studios representing the peaks of excellence at the Italian and international level of these new forms of digital art comes to life.

Italy has always been a cradle of creativity, innovation and research in the artistic and cultural field. It has been and continues to be so in the field of new forms of expression that make extensive use of digital technologies and video projection techniques. This is why MEET is promoting and collaborating in the realization of an ambitious project such as Italian Digital Art Experience: a real map of digital visions made in Italy from North to South.

The creatives and studios involved:

Antaless Visual Design (Palermo), Antica Proietteria (Reggio Emilia), Apparati Effimeri (Bologna), AreaOdeon (Monza), Delumen (Modena), FLxER (Roma), Full Frames (Montecatini), High Files Visuals (Torino), Immersive Media Studio (Siena/Milano), Kanaka Studio (Avellino), Karmachina (Milano), Leandro Summo (Bari), Luca Agnani Studio (Macerata), MammasONica (Catania), Michele Pusceddu (Cagliari), MONOGRID (Firenze), Mou Factory (Cremona), Odd Agency (Palermo), OLO Creative Farm (Como), OOOPStudio (Reggio Emilia), Plasmedia (Lecce/Foligno), Pixel Shapes (Ragusa), Proforma Video Design (Livorno), Rorschach Visual Project (Piacenza), Sinapsi Videomapping Lab (Genova), THE FAKE FACTORY (Firenze/Milano), WOA Creative Company (Milano).


Admission to MEET is charged; tickets can be purchased on site or online here

> Full 10 €

> Reduced (Under 25) 7 €

> Families (Parents and children up to 14 years old) 15 € per family.

> Free: Children up to 6 years old; Disabled and their companions; MyMEET Member