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Around Mobility. The future in motion

From self-driving carsto logistics, from post-smart citiesto sharing economy up to the hyper-speed trend, the new infrastructural and technological ecosystems are preparing to deeply innovate the mobility sector and to bring changes throughout society. History teaches us that from great opportunities brought by progress always derive equally great responsibilities towards the future of the world that surrounds us and of the communitiesof which we are a part. The nature of Around Mobility, a project co-created by MEET and Fondazione Giannino Bassetti is also exemplified in this unbreakable dichotomy between opportunity and responsibility, supported by Repower and Politecnico di Milano.

Around Mobility is a semester of study and research dedicated to the present and the future of mobility that puts the human factor at the heart of technological change.

Around Mobility wants to open glimpses on emerging scenarios and trajectories useful for understanding and, if possible, anticipating the needs that the new mobility will bring to the economic, social and even geopolitical level. In order to do so, it promotes a widespread debate between various Milan cultural spaces over a wide time span of about six months in 2019. Around Mobilityis a path divided in several stages animated by the most authoritative international mobility experts which summons innovators, policy makers, transport sector operators and anyone who wants to share a new idea of Mobility.

To begin the journey we invited in Milan Georges Amar, professor of design and innovation at the Ecole de Mines ParisTech and author of the book Homo Mobilis (FYP Editions, available only in French).

Amar’s reading of the present and the future of mobility is an anthropological one: in his opinion, it is the most fitting metaphor of the way of being of the contemporary man. The traditional oppositions between “fast” and “slow”, “Physical” and “digital”, “individual” and “collective”, have been overcome and even the very concepts of Space and Time must be rethought. We are well beyond the reflections on the functional optimisation of mobility. It’s time to imagine and design meaningful mobility together.

The meeting with Georges Amar is scheduled for Tuesday 5 March (7.30 p.m.) at the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci”  (via San Vittore 21 – Milan).

Top, photo from Flickr/Solar Team Eindhoven