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Znaimer. Enter the man of Media Innovation

Moses Znaimer is the first guest of Meet the Media Guru in 2016. On Thursday 18 February starting at 7 pm, he will talk about media innovation and audience engagement at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci (via San Vittore 21 – Milan).

But who is Znaimer? Born in 1942, Canadian of Tajik origin, he is a true media pioneer. With over 40 years in television, Znaimer is a broadcasting tycoon who does not shy away from a challenge. In 1972 in Toronto he came up with Citytv, a television broadcaster – and first urban tv in the world – that turned viewers into content creators, thus anticipating the rise of viewer-generated content and the birth of social media. Znaimer built up the schedule of Citytv as a shared plan and preconfigured the fall of classic broadcasting in favour or a customised and “tribal” use of content.

In 2008, also in Toronto, Moses created ZoomerMedia Limited, a TV, radio, newspaper and portal network specialised in informing and entertaining over 45s, something like 15 million Canadians, which he called Zoomers that is, Boomers with Zip, slang for Boomers with energy. Znaimer and his media company provided this target audience with content, products and information services both on and off line, which were broadcast by TV, smartphones, paper, iPads, radio frequencies, as the slides in the gallery show.

The goal of his media company is telling a “new vision of Ageing”, giving visibility to the new youth tat according to the Canadian mogul, corresponds precisely to adult age. The idea is supported by facts: in the western world over 45s are a numerous as much as dynamic segment of the population, with resources to spend for cultural consumption. The audience of ZoomerMedia is made up of many Shirley Clements, 60-year-old dancing teacher, who teaches hip-hop to girls and boys who could be her grandchildren, and does so without losing energy and drive, as this report explains.

In order to make the audience engagement of ZoomerMedia really complete, CARP, is a non-profit organisation with 300,000 members, which promotes economic security, health and the overcoming of Age discrimination through meetings, conferences and support and lobbying services. In 7 years the success of the network has grown, standing as a profitable business model to be replicated in tens of Countries in the world, including Italy (suffices to say that in Italy over 65s are over 13 million, 14% of the total population).

At Meet the Media Guru Znaimer will guide us in a universe of multimedia content focused on creating audience targets and created to talk about the Ageing revolution in the best of ways. A model that portrays the change taking place in society through the languages and production paradigms of Digital Culture.

The event featuring Moses Znaimer is on Thursday 18 February (at 7 pm) at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milan. here and in the meantime tell us about your impressions on the first guru of 2016 using the hashtag #meetMoses.