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Virtual Reality | RAI cinema

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular in film culture, and MEET’s VR corner is the perfect place to experience this technology firsthand. In collaboration with RAI Cinema, MEET is offering an immersive experience throughout the month of July.
The catalog of short films produced and distributed by RAI Cinema is available for viewing every Saturday and Sunday, and anyone can experience the magic of virtual reality thanks to the visors provided by MEET. Viewers can select their favorite VR works followed by our staff. This is not only a fun way to experience new technologies, but also represents an opportunity for viewers to have a unique view of cinematic works.

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The works in the catalog:

Vulcano – directed by Omar Rashid
Volcano is a VR film showing the eruption of the Icelandic volcano on Mount Fagradalsfjall after 800 years of inactivity. This 360-degree immersive journey, among boundless landscapes and rivers of glowing lava, reconstructs the volcanic eruption event in all its spectacularity. Virtual reality transports the viewer to an unexplored place, eventually leading him to the foot of the volcano. Images of the volcano, awakened from an 8-century-long sleep, dust off the ancestral human-earth bond and trigger in the viewer a long-forgotten primal instinct.
Happy Birthday – directed by Lorenzo Giovenga
Sara’s is no ordinary birthday. Hers seems like a perfect evening, in a mansion all to herself, with jugglers, skaters, magicians and her favorite band. But something doesn’t feel right for her. And just as the cake enters the room, the party reveals its true nature.


Revenge Room –directed by Diego Botta
Federica has locked herself in her bedroom and won’t come out. Dozens of provocative and vulgar messages from strangers arrive on her smartphone. Her boyfriend, Davide, wakes up in a room with a stranger, Saul, and does not understand what is happening.


Om Devi – directed by Claudio Casale
A journey through today’s India, through the eyes of three women who, in different ways, live the claims of gender rights on their own skin.
Anjali, Shabnam and Devya Arya carry on their daily battles, combining social idealism with the spirituality in which they were raised, in a harmonious synthesis of activism and tradition.
The spirit of the Devi, the goddess symbolic of feminine energy so celebrated in Indian culture, intrudes symbolically into their stories, accompanies them on their journey of emancipation and self-discovery, and like an invisible thread brings them closer together, in a country of boundless grandeur.


Michael’s Mask – directed by Guido Geminiani
The user is in the role of an actor working on the set of a virtual reality film in Venice. He is in crisis with his identity, so his actor coach Michael Margotta is called to the set to help him. Michael begins to work with the actor through very sophisticated techniques. The actor’s current perception begins to be confused and mixed with different realities.


Mare Nostrum-The Nightmare – directed by Stefania Casini
A fiction film shot in 360-degree virtual reality that chronicles the journey of Atambo, a young Tuareg boy who leaves home in a painful goodbye with his mother to attempt the desperate adventure of reaching Europe.


La Stanza – directed by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo
It is Christmas Day. Andrea is chatting, only the white light of the computer screen illuminates the dark room. Suddenly his parents enter the room shocked along with a policeman: a nude photo of Andrea has been posted on the Internet. Andrea changes home, school, and friends to escape the hell that photo has brought him, but to no avail: the architect of it all manages to find her again. Andrea can no longer stand the pressure of this situation, he turns on his webcam and records a video to tell his tragic story, the last one before committing suicide. Life gives, however, another opportunity.


In Trincea – directed by Marco Amenta
It is winter 1944 and the slow and difficult advance of the Allied forces into central Italy is underway. On a night illuminated only by the moon, a small squad of Italian soldiers has joined-after the 1943 armistice-the Anglo-American troops. Waiting to attack the German line, deployed near the Abbey of Montecassino, the young soldiers are accompanied by homesickness, the accusation of treason for not joining the Salò Republic and the terror of German snipers.


VR Free – directed by Milad Tangshir
A short film that examines the nature of confinement spaces, filming fragments of life inside the Turin prison.


H.O.M.  by Girolamo da Schio.
Experiencing a love story in an early 20th century psychiatric facility thanks to VR. H.O.M. is a short film by Girolamo da Schio that allows the viewer to enter a psychiatric clinic of the past, exploring their emotions and discovering the love story between Edmondo and Teresa. The short is part of a cross-media project about mental health, co-produced by 8 Production and TockTock with support from Compagnia di San Paolo.