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Orizzonti di innovazione. MtMG and Accenture join forces

Meet the Media Guru and Accenture are the names behind Orizzonti di Innovazione, a set of events with the big names of new digital frontiers for a business audience. The events were conceived and promoted for the opening of the ACIN Accenture Customer Innovation Network, a new, dedicated innovation centre in the centre of Milan and a new, experience centre to access and try the innovation journey.

Orizzonti di Innovazione is a cycle of executive events available for managers in the Fashion, Retail and Food, industries, startuppers, influencers, practitioners and innovator communities. The goal is to improve the understanding of emerging trends, while rethinking current business models and identifying innovative solutions for everyone involved. The elements and hints feeding into these lines will be provided by top brass experts, true innovations leaders in the various industries in which they operate, selected by Meet the Media Guru by means of its international observatory.

The programme will unfold from the spring of 2017 to the winter of 2018 at ACIN, piazza Gae Aulenti, at the heart of the Porta Nuova district. During the months other international experts will take the floor to complement the comprehensive programme of ACIN, whose activities fall under the broader global network of similar Accenture centres, located in Bangalore, Chicago, Manila and Singapore.

With Orizzonti di Innovazione and other business-oriented offers, ACIN intends to become a hub for those who look to change and a landmark in the new Milan landscape. Meet the Media Guru provides its know-how and the network of international contacts built in twelve years of activity. A key element of the offer is the opportunity of a targeted and inspirational discussion for a few, selected operatorsmeant as working sessions and closing with a Q&A session.

The first element in the programme of Orizzonti di Innovazionetook place during the launch of ACIN with a keynote speech by Derrick de Kerckhove, a world class sociologist and former director of the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology, University of Toronto.

The cycle opener was Lining Yao, professor of Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University and member of the Tangible Media Group of Media Lab di M.I.T., which presented projects able to combine material engineering, biomimetics and interaction design to innovate the fashion and food industries. The second guest is Giorgia Lupi, information designer and Visual Narratives expert, who investigated Big Data analysis and put it at the service of storytelling and data-driven research.

The third guest of the programme is Anouk Wipprecht, Dutch designer and pioneer of Fashion Tech, which joins couture and robotics, machine learning and the Internet of Things. Wipprecht’s research matches traditional creative skills and crafts and the technology potential of Manufacture 4.0.

Koert van Mensvoort is the fourth panellist of this cycle. Also of Dutch origin, has a design background, though for some time now he has been mostly an innovation philosopher. He coined the concept of Next Nature whereby we need to rethink the dichotomy putting Nature and Technology being inevitably against each other. According to van Mensvoort, the digital era marks the convergence of these two extremes, so much that nature can “extend” to include technology.

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