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MentoraSTEAM November updates

The MentoraSTEAM project is well underway and there have been many exciting progressions over the last few months. With our main objective to boost the employability of highly skilled migrant women in the STEAM sector, we have been very busy developing a Policy Framework Guide and a Training package.

Policy Framework Guide for Policymakers, Support Organisations and Stakeholders

  • The Policy Framework Guide for Policymakers, Support Organisations and Stakeholders is now available via the project website in English, Finnish, Italian and Spanish. After collating vital information about deskilling, mismatch underemployment and transferability of skills, we have been able to analyse the impact of these factors on the productivity of host countries. Containing case studies and initiatives, both on a national and EU level, the guide includes valuable information for stakeholders to learn more about the situation of highly skilled migrant women in the STEAM sector.

Developing an employability booster training package to migrant women 

  • The development of the MentoraSTEAM Employability Booster Programme is well underway and the partnership have now completed writing the content for the training modules. The first phase of piloting this training, which shall feature key themes including the benefits of entrepreneurship and self-employment and innovation in personal branding and networking, will begin next spring so stay tuned on all MentoraSTEAM channels for more updates!

September and October have been productive months for the MentoraSTEAM partnership:

Inova hosted the insightful event “Mentor Yourself and Others to Boost Opportunities in STEAM”on 27th September 2021, which brought together highly skilled women facing similar challenges, such as imposter syndrome. With a focus on mentoring and networking, the women were given the opportunity to share their stories and practice coaching one another.

VAMK successfully organised the event: “Employability of Highly-skilled Migrant Women in STEAM – MentoraSTEAM Talk” on 22nd October 2021, in Finland. Bringing together highly skilled migrant women in STEAM as well as other social actors, the events held in Vaasa and Seinäjoki furthered the dialogue on the current employment situation of STEAM migrant women in Finland and in Europe.

INCOMA hosted a successful conference on Migration in mid-October.Dedicated entirely to the MentoraSTEAM project, one afternoon was spent presenting the Policy Framework Guide which generated valuable discussions and feedback. Namely, it was great to see that the reality MentoraSTEAM is trying to face up to is present in all the countries that attended.

MEET, situated in Milan, is currently working with its region on gender inclusion in education. Helping them to shape policies dealing with STEAM, MEET hosted an event on 22nd  November, directly involving the policymakers of their region.