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And #meetCoppola becomes a trending topic

Let us see a few numbers: on the wake of event Back to my roots to encounter the future: my Basilicata with Francis Ford Coppola organised on 26 October at Teatro Dal Verme, we can certainly indulge ourselves. Promoted by Regione Basilicata in partnership with Matera 2019Lucana Film CommissionMeet the Media Guru and in collaboration with APT Basilicata and Palazzo Margherita, the meeting with the Italian-American director frantically anticipated, with incredible numbers both in the theatre and on the web, with many people connected from America and North Africa.

The theatre was sold out, with over 100 Italian and international journalists; the social cast was a fair match: in the two hours before the event the hashtag #meetCoppola got more than 4,500 contributions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, becoming the top Italian trending topic.

Trending Topic

For the joy of number and statistics enthusiasts, we counted 864 posts by 434 users with a reach of 1,711,792, which accounts for the people potentially involved and as many as 2,783, 746 impressions that is, the number of times a post is viewed. For contents containing the hashtag #meetCoppola this happened almost 3 million times.Be it from the theatre – where Fastweb provided free wi-fi – or from those at home watching the streaming live from their computers or tablets, tweets and posts travelled fast on social networks also with graphic contributions; Zelda was a writer paid homage to Coppola’s unmatched socks.

Or tweets that brought to the fore the multimedia nature of the meeting, as stressed by Stefano Pace and Domitilla Ferrari, which combined cinema history, social media and storytelling.