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Marconi, Timpson and the others. What’s in store for the upcoming months

In wait of officially opening the MEET, Meet the Media Guru launches a set of meetings and diffused experiences between Milan and the world.

In the coming months we’ll delve into such subjects as artificial intelligence and cultural innovation with immersive events and international guests – learn more about all MtMG tracks for 2018 – we’ll fly to Canada for an intense programme comprising of meetings and moments focused on enhancing Italian innovation and a marathon of participated design. Other events co-created in synergy with festivals and initiatives already in place in Milan will complement the programme. For an overview of the entire calendar, you may visit the new section of our website, Agenda.

Let’s find out what’s in store!

The first treat is a special Exhibitionist in collaboration with Meet the Media Guru. The Fondazione Fiera Milano programs starts with a bang: On Friday 9 March a special evening will be held with a focus on transmedia storytelling within the framework of Tempo di Libri. The start of the evening is Eddie Newquist, the mind behind very successful exhibitions on the cross-media universes of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Chronicles of Narnia.

Next, the Milano Digital Week held by the City of Milan from 15 to 18 March will host a VR installation designed for the three-day event and thought to experience the content of our website interactively and in an immersive way. After wearing the virtual reality visors, visitors may also admire a selection of texts, pictures, videos and animations.

The programme continues on Wednesday 9 April (7.30 pm) at Milan’s Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, with the first inspirational lecture by Francesco Paulo Marconi, the American guru of Artificial Intelligence applied to journalism. You can already register for the event HERE.

The first foreign destination for 2018 will be the Toronto Digifest, of which MtMG is a long-time partner. The event will take place from 26 to 28 April and this year will focus on Creative Cities. Meet the Media Guru was tasked with the opening speech by Giorgia Lupi, an information design expert and an old friend of the MtMG community.

Moreover, Canada will also host the third edition of Future Ways of Living, a format focused on the design of solutions for the future, which this year will analyse the changes in the labour market.

Canada’s Corey Timpson, Vice President of the Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, will close the first three months of activities. In mid-May he will tell us about accessibility and inclusive design for exhibitions, museums and cultural heritage in a location yet to be defined.

To follow all the updates on the programme, please check our Agenda.

The opening picture is taken from Flickr | Crystal Coleman