How timeline search works

The Timeline is the heart of the MEET website.
It contains thousands of information and content dedicated to the events and personalities that have taken place since 2005, from the inception of Meet the Media Guru to the present.
It is not just an archive, it is a real research tool, a time machine that allows you to explore the Center’s activities but above all to grasp the growth of digital culture and art from its origins: it is the Roots of the New, it is our history.

Despite a large amount of information, searching within the timeline is very easy.
There are two tools: the search field, where you can enter any keyword, and the filters, which allow you to select categories: content type, timeline, event format, and gurus. All filters can be applied individually or as a group.

Here’s how:

1. Enter a keyword within the search field and click the “enter/enter” button. A green-colored tag will appear.

2. Click on the magnifying glass to see the search results appear below the timeline.

4. Click a second time on the search field and the filter menu will appear from which you can choose one or more filters.

5. Any choice can be removed by simply clicking on the “remove filters” button.

6. Once defined, click on “apply filters.” Again the search will be activated and you will see the results appear below the timeline.