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Paolo Iabichino

His experience unites working with relational marketing on brands like Alitalia, American Express, Armani, Autogrill, Bulgari, Carrefour, Galbani, IBM, Nestlé, Nutella, Philips, Timberland, Wind, and others, to developing consumer activation activities, at selling points, on the net or in the field. He is use to coordinate and support working teams where different skills and disciplines are blended to serve the same goals. He is convinced that advertising no longer needs a target, but an interlocutor with whom brands and products can create a relationship overcoming the logic of the need to mix with ethics of the service. Professor at IULM University (Creativity for Social Media), he is among the authors of a book titled “The Magic of Writing” and he is again present with an intervention regarding writing on the network inside the reprint of “Business Writing” by Alessandro Lucchini.
Paolo is also the author of Invertising a book that analyses the transformation in act in the advertising world. The theme has also become a course at IED Milan, where young Art Directors are training for their profession regarding the passage “From advertising to invertising” where he participates as creative director and lecturer of the course. More recently, he has published an essay in “Il Fascino dei Numeri” by Dimitri Maex, analysing the relationship between the world of Big Data and creative advertising. In 2013 he joined the board of directors of the Master in Digital Communication Specialist course, where I’ve contributed to setting up a specialised training programme, a collaboration between ASSOCOM (Italian Communication Agencies Association) and the Scuola di Alta Formazione of the Università Cattolica, Milan.He has been twice a juror at the Cannes Advertising Festival.