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Luc Courchesne

Luc Courchesne (1952) is a Canadian artist and academic known for his work in interactive art.Courschene is known for his interactive video installations and environments. In his early works such as Family Portrait and Portrait One (1989),the viewer interacts with the a human image programmed to engage in a lifelike conversation with the viewer.His later work Landscape One (1997)[5][11] surrounds the viewer with a 360 degree immersive and interactive video projection of a park.

On September 11, 2001, while he was on assignment in New York City for the “Québec–NewYork” cultural event, Mr. Courchesne happened to be videotaping the smoldering North Tower of the World Trade Center as the second plane hit the South Tower. The 23-minute video of his experience on that fateful day is available on CBC/Radio-Canada archives