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Jeff Gomez

Jeff Gomez (born in New York City, New York, United States) is a writer and transmedia producer in the fantasy, science fiction, and young adult genres.Gomez was a producer and writer for Valiant Comics (more recently known as Acclaim Comics). During his time with Acclaim Entertainment, he also worked on adapting their superhero characters for games on Nintendo and PlayStation systems. Acclaim’s Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil were both key projects of his.Jeff Gomez, as CEO of Starlight Runner, has worked with The Walt Disney Company (Pirates of the Caribbean, Fairies, Tron Legacy), 20th Century Fox (James Cameron’s Avatar), Sony Pictures Entertainment (Men in Black 3, The Amazing Spider-Man 2),Coca-Cola (Happiness Factory),Mattel (Hot Wheels animation universe),Showtime (TV network) (Dexter), Microsoft (Halo),Hasbro (Transformers), Nickelodeon (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles),Ubisoft (Splinter Cell), Pepperidge Farm (Goldfish), and others as a Transmedia Producer. Jeff Gomez is a writer and Transmedia Producer for the super heroic universe of Lucha Libre, an innovation of Mexico’s AAA wrestling league for Mark Burnett’s OneThree Media, in association with Robert Rodriguez and Factory Made Ventures for the Comcast El Rey television network. He has also been tapped to reboot Ultraman.

Gomez’s was selected by Details Magazine as one of the 2010 Mavericks for his contributions toward shifting the business and artistic paradigm in the global film and entertainment industry. He was designated a Hollywood “Power Player” by Variety in January 2012. He’s also been awarded the Director’s Coin for Excellence by the United States Special Operations Command/InterAgency Task Force for his transmedia work on asymmetrical conflict and international crisis narratives in the field. He was also extensively quoted in Forbes Magazine’s 2017 article Transmedia Will Shape The Future Of Hollywood And Fortune 500 Firms.

In the US, Jeff champions the concerns of young people with his Never Surrender! Inspirational seminars and curricula. He is a nationally recognized expert on leadership and success strategies for children and teenagers, with an emphasis on how to overcome bullying in schools. His international work on educational, social issues, and spiritual transmedia campaigns have benefited large geographical regions, and even entire nations.