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Everything by NOHLAB

01. What is?

The Beginning of Everything
How did everything begin?
Particles… Energy… Space… Life… and us? A big unknown…
We don’t even know what we don’t know

Within a universe of infinite probabilities
Existence can be possible
Through chain reactions

Can you remember becoming with a single thread of self-generation? Bios… Life… was formed in four billion years to become self-aware

Sight… Hearing… Smell… Taste… Touch…
To perceive everything, we rely on our senses Everything depends on how we perceive the world.

Meaning and Concepts
We created concepts and meanings with perceptions
To make sense of the worlds that are unknown
With symbols, and alphabets, and languages and formulations

We created the concept of time
To organize the chaotic existence
But time is only an illusion

We created systems
To order and to control
Noise blocks, for centuries.
Cities, factories, states, religion, education… Entrapping ourselves in these spaces of enclosure

02. What if?

Reality and Perception
Can you sense the frequencies that connect everything? I can only perceive “some” frequencies
Can my limited perception represent the reality?

Ways of Seeing
What if the world changes when I change the ways I see the world? What if I want to break this fabricated reality?
I can no longer depend on my limited lenses of perception

The Basis of the System
I have to explore in between the indecisive universes To reveal the unknown
What if I don’t limit my understanding within binaries

Evolutionary Process
Humanity is only a tiny fraction in the evolutionary process Evolution will continue, perhaps regardless of humans
The question is: How do I contribute to the evolutionary process?

If my choices are conditioned by my genetic and cultural memories that they determine the ways I think and make choices,
How can free will be possible?

03. What else?

A constant war
Goes on and on in echo chambers
I am leaving this perception centered war I am leaving my ego
I am not the center of anything

Evolution of Concepts
Indeed, what is really human today?
Concepts can also evolve
I can augment probabilities by shifting the existing conceptions

Evolution / Trans Species
Evolution of species is open to new mutations
Remember, I am only a bridge in this process and not an end
Re-design… Re-think… Re-imagine…. Re-set…

To create a more balanced existence
By shifting our human-centered values
What else can I do with techno-science for the sake of commons?

Now I know, I exist in a universe of obscurity
I am not afraid of the darkness of not knowing…
Only then, we can open the doors to the infinite possibilities of everything


“I can live with doubt, and uncertainty, and not knowing. I think it’s much more interesting to live not knowing… …Than to have answers which might be wrong…
I don’t have to know an answer.
I don’t feel frightened by not knowing things,
By being lost in the mysterious universe without having any purpose.”
– Richard Feynman