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Tecnologie Corpi Democrazia | with Ariella Vidach

MEET Digital Culture Center and Ariella Vidach AiEP present on Friday, March 31, the result of the project “MAKING SPACE – Staying with the trouble,” dedicated to the complexity of performance art production in virtual reality. The work explored the theme of the body, urban space and the transformation of their notions, questioning how to rethink democracy in the era of big data.

Through the learn by doing formula, the workshop of creatives and artists involved 10 participants selected through a call, published in January 2023. Together with the curator and the project’s protagonists, participants will be able to take a journey into the virtual world by exploring unprecedented environments and settings. The project gave voice to the complexity of artistic production in the making of the performance work in VR, highlighting the importance of investigating the concepts of space and body, as well as the transformation of their notions. Emphasis was also placed on what spaces, imaginaries and bodies inhabit our present and how to rethink democracy in the age of big data.

The participation of the 10 artists led to the creation of innovative and unique environments and settings for project participants to explore firsthand. Teamwork and the learn by doing formula allowed participants to learn through action, developing their skills in a practical and concrete way. “MAKING SPACE – Staying with the trouble” represents an important step forward in investigating the potential of performance art production in VR, offering audiences an immersive and engaging experience in which to explore current and socially relevant issues.