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ARTeCHÓ | Jonas Lund lecture

Swedish artist Jonas Lund will be a guest speaker at the MEET Digital Culture Center on May 18, 2023 for an extraordinary lecture from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Lund is an interdisciplinary artist who uses digital technologies and data to question systems of value and power in contemporary culture. His works often engage the audience and invite critical reflection on the consequences of new technologies on our daily lives.
He has participated in numerous exhibitions internationally and his works have been acquired by major public and private collections. He is considered one of the most interesting and original artists of his generation.

The event will be held at the opening of the ARTeCHÓ project, a European initiative to unleash the potential of the emerging arts ecosystem, created by five European institutions: Meet Digital Center, SERN – Startup Europe Regions Network, Zaragoza City of Knowledge Foundation/Etopia, Baltan Laboratories and Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (FSBC).

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