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Digital Award 2017 focused on Fashion and Design

Back for its third edition, Il Coraggio di Innovare Digital Award, is an award open to innovators and promoted by Regione Lombardia, managed by Unioncamere Lombardia and held in partnership with Meet the Media Guru. This year the award will focus on two industries, Fashion and Design: the goal is selecting stories and projects using digital as a strategic lever for change. The award is open to enterprises, public and private organisations having offices in Lombardy or practitioners operating mostly in a municipality in Lombardy.

«Digital fabrication and the Internet of Things are only two opportunities for change that Fashion and Design can leverage in Lombardy. – explains our director Maria Grazia Mattei while telling about the reasons that led to devoting the 2017 edition to two outstanding industries – «This doesn’t mean neglecting craftsmanship, product quality or care for details, which made Lombardy famous in the world, but it means being bold and innovate consistently with the Italian tradition».

The call includes the Fashion and Design categories, each divided into three sections:

  • Innovative production and manufacturing
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Retail and E-commerce.

The best project will be selected for every section, for a total of 6 awarded projects. Every winner will receive a € 10,000 prize.

Candidacies will close on 14 September and the process this year will be really simple. To sign up it’s enough to register on this website and fill in the on-line form with all information required, such as project title, abstract and description with an animated presentation of the business innovation story, such as a video or a slideshow. After announcing one’s participation on social channels, a digital signature will suffice to conclude the candidacy process successfully. For any doubts please refer to the award site.

The name of the finalists will be announced after 23 October and the on-line vote will then start to select the favourite project: anyone mat express his or her preference, thus increasing the provisional score prior to the final evening.

Line in the past, the final Digital Award evening will be an open event for the city, an opportunity for all Lombard innovators to meet, first and foremost the winners of the 2015 Il Coraggio di Innovare and 2016 Il Coraggio di Innovare editionsOn 23 November at Auditorium Testori di Regione Lombardia the innovation stories that will have been deemed the best by the jury will receive the award; the audience may vote on-line to choose their favourite finalist for the special prize, as customary.

Watch the 2017 Digital Award presentation video and sign up!