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Digifest 2016. MtMG is a partner of the festival

Meet the Media Guru is proud to be again a partner of Digifest in 2016.  From April 28th to 30th we’ll lead from Milan to Toronto two amazing speakers: Denis Santachiara, artist, designer and founder of, a platform that promotes and sells artwork produced with professional digital fabrication. We’ll also present Streamcolors, a creative studio that mixes video games technology, 3D and generative arts to change the perception of color.

Meet the Media Guru is a space for thought, idea and events focused on innovation and digital technology based in Milan, Italy. Since 2005, MtMG has designed and hosted more than 60 meetings with digital culture leaders such as Lawrence Lessig, Don Norman, Zygmunt Bauman, Edgar Morin and many more. You can find more information here.

Denis Santachiara