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From cultural innovation to blockchain, 2018 focus

2018 will mark the thirteenth year of Meet the Media Guru and will bring about a few changes. As a distinctive trait, this year’s programme will focus on co-creation, that is, the design and production of objects in synergy with other Italian and international collaborators – we’ll go back to Canada for the Digifest! – on shared and well defined thematic focuses. We already have in store to or three outstanding gurus, but before announcing their names we have some even bigger surprises for you…

As the moment of truth draws nearer (stay tuned!), we’ll share with our guru-community some thematic focuses for the few months:

– Artificial Intelligence: from robotics to machine learning, through the so-called man-machine collaboration, a survey of the vast territory of AI

– Blockchain: how and why a peer-to-peer database is revolutionising the processes and rules of international economy

– Health Innovation: besides applications and software programmes, because the digital era is changing the paradigms of care and well-being

– Cultural innovation: the changes imposed to museums and cultural heritage, ranging from digital technology to management, engagement and audience development

– Mobility: before and after driverless cars. Possible future (or present) scenarios whose effects are changing the automotive market and the very concept of urban space and city.

– New Creative Languages: the changes afoot in creative content production, from cinema to art and virtual reality

– Digital Literacy: how to boost Digital awareness as a paradigm of our time and founding element of our way of living

Do you like these subjects? Do you have others in mind? Write to

The opening picture is taken from Flickr/Ars Electronica. Credits: Betty Zhang