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Symphony for the Metaverse | Opening

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Blurring the boundaries between architecture, sound compositions and multimedia installations, Symphony for the Metaverse brings together a series of virtual 3D architectural environments in the Mozilla Hubs platform.

Architecturally, this pavilion is an endless space where synthetic bodies have great elasticity and where sounds ‘become physical’ in three-dimensional space. Functioning both as an archive and as a series of stages or listening booths, Symphony for the Metaverse reverses the trend towards spatial interconnectedness. Rather than uploading a consciousness into the virtual, Symphony for the Metaverse humanises virtuality.

The curator will also be present at the opening in MEET. Sign up here!

From 15 September to 15 October, George Vitale’s work will be available for free on Mozilla Hub, one of the most user-friendly VR platforms. An immersive experience accessible both from the normal PC browser and via Oculus visors, it will allow you to enjoy an absolutely unique experience.

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